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Professor Richard Goodwin explains his concept of Porosity.

Porosity is a research project established at COFA by Professor Richard Goodwin. According to Goodwin, the aim of Porosity is, “The revision of public space in the city using public art to test the functional boundaries of built form.”

Every Year, students from COFA are invited to apply for the Porosity Studio. This cross-disciplinary initiative allows them to travel to cities all over the world in order to explore different urban centres and collaborate with other Fine Arts, Design, Digital Media, Architecture, Urban Planning, and Engineering students. Alongside professional practitioners, they form a think tank to investigate public spaces.

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COFA student interview by the British Council, from last year’s Porosity program in Cardiff, Wales.

Porosity visits international cities

Since it began in 2000, COFA students have participated in Porosity Studios in
cities as diverse as:

  • Beijing, China
  • Milan, Italy
  • Rotterdam, Holland
  • Cardiff, Wales

In 2010, Porosity will take COFA students to London, UK.