Q & A

Common Questions

How do I find out about studying at COFA?

Contact the COFA Student Centre

If I don’t have a recognised academic qualification, how can I gain admission to COFA?

If you do not possess any of the qualifications outlined in the Entry Requirements, there are a number of alternative avenues through which you may seek admission to an undergraduate program at UNSW. For more information click here.

What can I do when I graduate?

Most COFA degree pages list some career opportunities. For more information on UNSW graduate placement click here.

Do you have an exchange program? Can I study overseas?

Yes COFA does offer an exchange programme. For more information click here.

What differentiates COFA from other Art and Design institutions?

COFA is an internationally recognised premier art and design school, and one of Australia’s top ranking Universities. It is also the only art college in Australia to offer the traditional options of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture alongside cutting edge courses in Time Based Art, Digital Animation, Film & Video and Design (including Jewellery and Textiles) in addition to Art Education and Art History & Theory (including Art Administration).