Kudos Gallery

Gallery History & Vision

Kudos Gallery is located in the heritage listed St Sophia Hall in Napier St. Paddington. The gallery was established in 1998 by the COFA Students’ Association to provide COFA students with an accessible gallery space off campus to develop an exhibition profile whilst still at University. Post-VSU, Kudos is still run by COFA students, now supported and funded by Arc @ COFA, a new student organisation established in 2007.

The Kudos Gallery exhibition program is determined by a committee of student representatives from each school at COFA, and the Kudos Gallery Supervisor. The gallery plays host to approximately thirty diverse exhibitions per year, encouraging all students from first year to PhD level to submit proposals for solo, group or curated exhibitions.

An open policy at Kudos Gallery allows an exciting assortment of cutting-edge experimental art exploring emerging concepts, technologies and cross-mediums, as well as a celebration of traditional art practices and themes.

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