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mosse hp
Richard Mosse, Still from The Enclave (detail), 2012–13, 16mm infrared film transferred to HD video, 39:25 mins. Courtesy: The artist and Jack Shainman Gallery.

The Enclave
Richard Mosse

March 15- June 7

Galleries UNSW presents the Australian premiere of The Enclave by New York based Irish artist Richard Mosse.

The Enclave, which represented Ireland and was critically acclaimed at the 2013 Venice Biennale, is the culmination of Mosse’s work in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Comprised of six monumental double-sided screens installed in a large darkened chamber, The Enclave will offer visitors a physically immersive, disorientating and confronting experience.

Using an extinct type of infrared film once employed by the military, the artist documented rebel enclaves and sites of human rights. The result is a highly aesthetic installation that engages with the unseen, hidden and intangible aspects of the situation in eastern Congo, a tragically overlooked conflict in which 5.4 million people have died of war related causes since 1998.

Richard Mosse will attend The Enclave opening on Friday, March 14, 6-8pm.

Opening: Fri, Mar 14, 6-8pm
When: Mar 15-June 7
Where: Galleries UNSW, COFA
Cnr Oxford St & Greens Rd,
Hours: Tues-Sat, 10am – 5pm
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Edward Burtynsky, Burning Tire Pile #1 (detail), Near Stockton, California, USA, 1999. Courtesy: The artist


March 28- May 10

Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky explores nature transformed through industry. Philosophically and politically charged, Un_Earthed reveals the unsustainability of our parasitical relationship to the Earth and its natural resources.

Burtynsky’s images are meant as metaphors to the dilemma of our modern existence; they search for a dialogue between attraction and repulsion, seduction and fear.

The exhibition features a series of major photographs from the United States, Canada, Azerbaijan and Bangladesh. Spanning ten years practice, Un_Earthed also includes the artist’s acclaimed feature film, Manufactured Landscapes.

Burtynsky’s remarkable photographic depictions of global industrial landscapes are included in the collections of over fifty major museums around the world. His recently completed second film, Watermark, was named “Best Canadian Film” by the Toronto Film Critics Association in 2014.

When: Mar 28- May 10
Where: Galleries UNSW, COFA
Cnr Oxford St & Greens Rd,
Hours: Tues-Sat, 10am – 5pm
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John A Douglas, Body Fluid – Ascension (detail), 2012. C-Type photograph on aluminium, 100 × 100cm. Courtesy the artist and Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney.

Conquest of Space: Science Fiction & Contemporary Art

The Exhibition

This exhibition reveals previously unexplored intersections between science fiction (SF) and art. Science fiction and art have long been connected by a set of related interests such as technology and formal expressions. Science fiction in its most popular manifestations, such as literature and cinema, expresses cultural anxieties and desires through a set of concepts, tropes and themes shared with the visual arts.

Conquest of Space: Science Fiction & Contemporary Art features more than 40 artworks exploring important stories in the history of the science fiction genre.

This multi-faceted project is presented in partnership with ABC TV, the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the College of Fine Arts, UNSW; and is led by the exhibition curator, documentary host and COFA lecturer, Dr Andrew Frost.

Opening: Wed, May 21, 6-8pm
When: May 22 – July 5
Where: Galleries UNSW, COFA
Cnr Oxford St & Greens Rd,
Hours: Tues-Sat, 10am – 5pm
Tel: (02) 8936 0888
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Associated Program

The Conquest of Space exhibition is a component of wider project incorporating an ABC1 TV documentary, a symposium at the College of Fine Arts (COFA Campus), and a science fiction film program at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Curator Talk

Dr. Andrew Frost is an art critic, writer, broadcaster and lecturer. In 2007 Frost wrote and presented the three part series The Art Life for ABC1 followed by a second series in 2009. His latest project, Conquest of Space: Science Fiction & Contemporary Art, includes an exhibition at the College of Fine Arts (COFA), a TV documentary to be screened on ABC1, and a film program at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Join Andrew for this floor talk examining the overall Conquest of Space project.

When: Wed, May 28, 1pm
Where: Galleries UNSW, COFA

ABC TV Documentary Screening

The meeting of art and science fiction (SF) is one of the most exciting areas of contemporary art practice with a growing number of artists directly addressing science fiction themes and concepts in their work, or who are indirectly influenced by SF pop culture, its styles, tropes and trends. This trend can be found internationally in a growing number of shows with Australian artists leading the fore. Their work, spanning painting, sculpture, photography, video and performance, traces the historical roots of the SF imagination while proposing exciting new ground for contemporary art.

The Conquest of Space: Science Fiction & Contemporary Art TV documentary project profiles the artists who are leading this trend, examining their work and placing it into a history that takes us from the 19th century to today.

The documentary investigates a simple question: how does the visual imagination of SF influence contemporary art?

When: Tues, June 10, 10pm
Where: ABC1

Science Fiction Symposium at COFA

The symposium will explore topics including the following:

  • Science fiction and contemporary art
  • Science fiction and the work of individual contemporary artist[s]
  • Science fiction as a visual experience
  • Formulations of the “future” and how it relates to the creation of art, film, games
  • Critical and theoretical readings of science fiction film, art, games etc
  • The examination of SF tropes, concepts etc as they relate to narrative in media
  • Science fiction and its influence on sound art, soundtracks, and music
  • The study of genre with specific reference to SF
  • Considerations of the nature of visuality as it relates to generic SF or quasi-generic objects such as works of art, examples of design and architecture
  • Any more general papers related to SF in literature, film or other media

Following the symposium, a special screening of Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty (1970) and Charles and Ray Eames’ The Powers of Ten, 1977 will take place.

When: Sat, June 14, 9am – 5pm
Where: COFA Lecture Theatre, EGO2, COFA Campus

Conquest of Space Future Screen

Film program at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and COFA, UNSW.

Cinematic science fiction (SF) has grown from a B movie genre into a series of world-dominating entertainment franchises. While the mainstream SF blockbuster is predictably conservative and presents variations on well-worn formulas, SF cinema over the last 15 years has also produced a series of intriguing and thoughtful films that revisit some of the genre’s most popular concepts – from the giant monster movie to the time travel puzzler, from the cutting satire to the romantic dystopia.

See the full film program here.

When: May, June, July
Where: The Domain Theatre, Art Gallery of New South Wales and COFA, UNSW