Current Exhibitions

One Hung Bitch

One Hung Bitch

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran

April 15 - April 26

One Hung Bitch by Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran presents a panoply of deified Dickheads and Shitheads through painting and sculptural media.

In this quasi-spiritual site, the tyranny of western phallocentricism (perceived as the judeo-christian, eurocentric regulation of ‘culture’ and ‘civilisation’) is rejected.

While the phallus is the central motif in the works, the sphincter, as depicted in various literal and metaphorical forms is presented as a significant agent, birthing and gilding the turds of life.

Opening: Tues, Apr 22, 5-7pm
When: Apr 15-26
Where: Kudos Gallery
6 Napier St, Paddington, NSW
Hours: Wed to Fri, 11am – 6pm, Sat, 11am – 4pm
Tel: (02) 9326 0034

The World Arrives at Night

The World Arrives at Night

Michaela Gleave

February 22 - July 27

COFA graduate Michaela Gleave is undertaking a web based performance project as part of Trace: Performance and its Documents at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.

Each evening throughout the duration of the exhibition, she will email details about a selected star to members of the project audience. The audience can enter and exit the performance at any time.

Sign up to receive daily stars here.

When: Feb 22- July 27
Where: Via email. Sign up here.

Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Dark Heart
Brook Andrew, The Island IV (detail), 2008, mixed media on Belgian linen, 250.0 × 300.0 × 5.0 cm. Brook Andrew. Courtesy: The artist and Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne. Photo: Christian Capurro.

Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Dark Heart

COFA graduates

March 1 - May 11

The 2014 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Dark Heart is curated by Art Gallery of South Australia’s Director, Nick Mitzevich.

COFA graduates Brook Andrew, Del Kathryn Barton, Shoufay Derz, Rosemary Laing, Fiona Lowry and Alex Seton are exhibiting new work in the Biennial, Australia’s longest running survey of contemporary Australian art.

Opening: Fri, Feb 28, 5.30pm
When: Mar 1- May 11
Where: Art Gallery of South Australia
North Terrace
Adelaide, SA
Hours: Mon to Sun, 10am - 5pm

19th Biennale of Sydney
Mikala Dwyer, Hanging Smoking Garden (detail), 2007. Installation view (2007) of ‘Black Sun, Blue Moon’ at Hamish Morrison Galerie, Berlin. Courtesy: The artist and Hamish Morrison Galerie, Berlin

19th Biennale of Sydney

COFA graduates

March 21 - June 9

The 19th Biennale of Sydney: You Imagine What You Desire celebrates the artistic imagination as a spirited exploration of the world.

COFA Master of Fine Arts graduates Mikala Dwyer, Deborah Kelly and Angelica Mesiti are among over 90 selected artists exhibiting their work.

The Biennale will present works at the Art Gallery of NSW, Artspace, Carriageworks, Cockatoo Island and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

When: Mar 21 – Jun 9
Where: Various venues around Sydney
Web: bos19.com

Nicole Welch, Apparition #1, 2013, giclee print on Hahnemuhle photo rag, edition of 6, 95 × 200cm


Nicole Welch

March 25 - April 19

Nicole Welch has a Master of Fine Arts from COFA. Apparitions is a series of photographs, projections and media installations based in the Australian landscape.

The works reveal the embedded cultural history and idealism projected onto the land since colonisation. They focus on the early Australian landscape painters who brought a European sensibility and vision to their depictions of the ‘new’ world.

Opening: Wed, Mar 26, 5.30-7.30pm
When: Mar 25- Apr 19
Where: Brenda May Gallery
2 Danks Street
Hours: Tues to Fri, 11am-6pm, Sat, 10am-6pm

Michelle Cawthorn, Troubadour (detail), 2014, pen, graphite, watercolour and gouache on Hahnemuhle paper, 108 × 79cm


Michelle Cawthorn

April 16 - May 3

COFA Master of Fine Arts student Michelle Cawthorn is exhibiting new sculpture and works on paper at Sheffer Gallery.

Opening: Wed, Apr 16, 6-8pm
When: Apr 16-May 3
Where: Sheffer Gallery
38 Lander St
Hours: Wed to Sat, 11am-6pm
Tel: (02) 9310 5683

Upcoming Exhibitions

Vicnaja Pamjat

Vicnaja Pamjat

Virginia Mawer

April 29 - May 3

Master of Fine Arts student Virginia Mawer investigates how the unravelling of language can affect our experience of the world through film, voice, text and poetic materiality.

Gaining or losing language is often destabilising because of the shifting grounds of meaning, yet its transformative nature also plays a role in creating new facets of ourselves or regenerating dormant parts.

Translated as ‘memory everlasting‘, vicnaja pamjat is a traditional funeral chorus that in this exhibition acts not only as a reminder of lost ancestors, but also distant homes and forgotten languages.

Opening: Tues, Apr 29, 5-7pm
When: Apr 29- May 3
Where: Kudos Gallery
6 Napier St, Paddington, NSW
Hours: Wed to Fri, 11am – 6pm, Sat, 11am – 4pm
Tel: (02) 9326 0034

Beneath Horizons: Australian Desert Landscape

Beneath Horizons: Australian Desert Landscape

Julia Featherstone

May 5 - May 17

Beneath Horizons: Australian Desert Landscape critiques preconceptions that most urban-dwelling Australians cling to the rim of the metaphorical saucer, rarely venturing inside to experience the desert landscape. Consequently, our concept of the desert is configured from cultural histories, mythologies, maps, televisual and cinematic constructs.

We imagine the desert, but without going there. We don’t feel the red sand between our toes; experience the freedom of endless space; or see expansive flat horizons that activate our senses and transform the desert into a spiritual place.

Julia Featherstone brings six tons of red desert sand to the gallery for you to walk barefoot, interact and be ‘out there’ in the emptiness.

Opening: Tues, May 5, 5-7pm
When: May 5-17
Where: Kudos Gallery
6 Napier St, Paddington, NSW
Hours: Wed to Fri, 11am – 6pm, Sat, 11am – 4pm
Tel: (02) 9326 0034

It’s Timely
Gary Carsley, Whitlam In China (The Annunciation) (detail), 2014 (work in progress)

It’s Timely

COFA staff and graduates

April 29 - June 28

COFA staff Gary Carsley and graduates Deborah Kelly and The Kingpins are exhibiting work in group exhibition It's Timely.

In the early 1970s, Australians were demanding social change, rallying for sexual and racial equality, and against the Vietnam War. This exhibition is framed by the two iconic speeches Whitlam delivered in Blacktown in 1972 and 1974, and it documents the changes that completely transformed life and culture in the island continent.

Artists active at the time will be joined by those who came of age, or to Australia, as a result of the policies and legacies of the Whitlam Government

Opening: Tues, Apr 29, 6-8pm
When: Apr 29- Jun 28
Where: Blacktown Arts Centre
78 Flushcombe Rd
Blacktown, NSW
Hours: Tues to Sat, 10am - 5pm
Tel: (02) 9839 6558

Private Practice of the Public Artist
Richard Goodwin, Exoskeleton Lift, Willoughby Incinerator

Private Practice of the Public Artist

COFA staff

April 30 - May 25

COFA staff Richard Goodwin is exhibiting work in Private Practice of the Public Artist.

The exhibition presents an innovative approach to public art, revealing the private practice of artists who work in the public domain. It explores the complex inter-relationship between each artists public and private practices.

A public art symposium featuring all of the exhibiting artists will be hosted by Fenella Kernebone on opening night.

Opening: Wed, Apr 30, 7.15-8.30pm
When: Apr 30- May 25
Where: The Concourse Art Space
409 Victoria Ave
Hours: Mon to Fri, 9am-5pm
Tel: (02) 9411 8144

La Lune: Energy Producing Art
Allan Giddy, Loss

La Lune: Energy Producing Art

COFA staff and graduates

May 10 - May 18

COFA staff Allan Giddy is the curator of La Lune: Energy Producing Art, a night sculpture walk.

La Lune explores the idea of energy in art, expanding from purely solar, to energy as it is incident on site in any form, with many of the works in the exhibition physically producing energy.

Artists include COFA staff and graduates Bonita Ely, Alex Byrne, Martin Sims, Louisa Dawson and Francois Breuillaud-Limondin.

When: May 10-18
Where: Long Reef Headland
Hours: Mon to Sun, 5-9pm