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Feral Experimental Symposium and Workshops
Benedikt Groß, ‘Avena+ Test Bed’ (2013). Photograph: Florian Vögtle/Stefan Eigner (Photographer); Hermann Benkler (Pilot). Image courtesy the artist.

Feral Experimental Symposium and Workshops


August 20 – August 22

Feral Experimental is a multifaceted projected exploring the meaning and purpose of experimental practices in both design and art.

Including a symposium, free workshops and an exhibition, the project aims to examine the boundaries of design thinking, collaborative processes and creative output.

The issues explored by participating designers, artists and researchers are far ranging and include preparations for extreme weather, drug rehabilitation and the preservation of cultural heritage.

The Feral Experimental Exhibition is on from 18 July to 30 August in Galleries UNSW.

To view the full program and to register for the FREE Symposium and Workshops, go here.

When: Wed, Aug 20 –Fri, Aug 22
Where: Galleries UNSW and F Block
COFA Campus
Register: Free if you register by June 27