What We Watch

What We Watch
Ai Weiwei, View from WeiweiCam, 2012

What We Watch

Net art and surveillance

September 24 - October 6

The proliferation of digital culture, online communities and networked technology has opened a landscape for artists to actively challenge and expand the parameters of art as we know it.

What We Watch is an exhibition that simultaneously showcases the multifaceted, dynamic, and highly participatory nature of art based online.

Each work heightens our awareness of what we watch, the eyes we use to watch, and the eyes that watch us.

The exhibition is co-curated by the Semester 2, 2012 postgraduate curatorial class, supervised by Felicity Fenner and Vivienne Webb.


Opening: Thurs, Oct 4, 5-7pm
When: Sept 24-Oct 6, 2012
Where: COFAspace
COFA, E Block, Ground floor
Hours: Mon to Fri, 10am – 5pm
Tel: (02) 9385 0797