Bachelor of Media Arts (Hons)

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COFA graduates Toby Grime and Feargal Stewart talk about wrangling pixels and travelling the world for in their creative careers at Animal Logic.

Bachelor of Media Arts (Hons)

Course Code: 4816

The Bachelor of Media Arts (Hons) is an innovative, industry-leading program that provides a foundation in creative media production using contemporary digital tools. Graduates from this degree possess strengths in creative design and technical innovation. They will be key players in the arts, digital media, entertainment and internet-based media industries.

The Bachelor of Media Arts (Hons) is a four-year full-time degree that incorporates an Honours year.

Creative Degrees = Creative Careers

Media Arts graduates are well equipped to join the workforce. By doing an Honours year they demonstrate creativity, self-motivation and a professional level of research ability. And most importantly, by undertaking an internship, students gain valuable work experience before they even graduate.

Student Choice

Students are able to tailor their own degrees by studying only what they are really interested in. BMA-Hons students can decide to become experts in just one area, or they can develop a multidisciplinary skill-base.

Throughout their study, students are able to fine-tune their skills and areas of expertise by undertaking electives in any area they wish. Students also take courses that put their practice in a theoretical and historical context.

Degree Structure

  • Stage 1: In their first year, all COFA Studio Degree students undertake a foundation year made up of Gateway courses. Media Arts, Design and Fine Arts students work alongside each other, encouraging multidisciplinary engagement and allowing students to gain skills and ways of thinking that are applicable to a wide range of studio practices.
    BMA-Hons students also undertake two Gateway Media Arts courses.
  • Stage 2 and 3: In their second year of study, BMA-Hons students choose 1 or 2 two of the following Media Arts studios: Animation & Visual Effects, Cross-Media Arts, and Video-Sound-Image. Or they may choose one Media Arts studio and another studio from Fine Arts or Design.
  • Stage 4: The fourth year of the BMA-Hons is an Honours year. Students undertake a major self-directed project. They also participate in an Industry Placement program that prepares them to enter the job market though internships in the media industry