Staff Profiles

Location: E Block, Level 1, Room E109
Phone: 60617

Roderick Bamford

Senior Lecturer

School of Design Studies

Rod works across the fields of sculpture and design, drawing on experience in the field of ceramics, digital processing technologies, polymers, and related media. For a number of years his artwork investigated the aesthetics of tension between development, redundancy and waste, in exhibitions such as ‘Urban Debris’ at the National Gallery of Australia in 1992 and Insensible Landscape at the Kohler Company in the USA. 

His research aims to further our understanding of the discourse between natural and technologically encountered experience. Recent projects seek to address an ethical paradox in design : it’s  agency in stimulating consumption whilst contributing to ecological damage. Exploring digitally mediated creative strategies to reduce environmental and resource impact across product lifecycles, his investigation of relationships between agile studio enterprises & mass manufacturing systems has led to a design for sustainability model that synthesises emotive and quantitative measures to improve dematerialisation on an practical level.(The Cup Suite, 2000).

In 2005, with the support of the inaugural Australia Council MMM Special Project Grant, some of the results of these investigations were applied to the translation of ‘sensorial’ experience into corporeal form. Mediated through digital recording, modelling, imaging and fabrication technologies, works such as Sonic Loop embody musical data within a physical, functioning ceramic object. (Smartworks, Powehouse Museum 2006). ‘Soot’ seeks to physically ‘imprint’ a fluid vessel with the impact of combustion. (current project)  .

Rod has been awarded commissions and residencies, participated in exhibitions and presented lectures internationally. His work is represented in major collections, including the Powerhouse museum and the National Galleries of Australia and Victoria, and museum collections in Europe, North Asia, and the USA. In 1999 his studio received an Australian Designex award.

Rod teaches in the areas of digital modelling & fabrication, ceramics, object design and sustainability. He aims to foster the development of creative models that integrate agile, sustainable practices that are scalable and adaptive to changing social and environmental conditions.

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