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Prof. Ross Harley

Dean and Director

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BArts (Hons); MArts; Doctor Creative Arts
Ross Rudesch Harley is an award-winning artist, writer and educator whose career crosses the bounds of traditional and creative arts research. His video and sound work has been presented at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, New York MoMA, Ars Electronica in Austria, the Biennale of Sydney, and at the Sydney Opera House. He is a former editor of the journal Art + Text, and has written regular columns on design and popular culture for Rolling Stone and for The Australian national newspaper. He has edited a number of anthologies, including New Media Technologies (1993), Artists in Cyberculture (1993) and Before and After Cinema (1999). Another, entitled Parallel Histories in the Intermedia Age appeared in the Summer of 2000. In 1992 he was the director of the influential International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) and Co-Chair of ISEA 2013. He is also well-known for directing the audio/vision for the Cardoso Flea Circus videos and live performances with Colombian-born artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso. Collaborative work includes Aviopolis (with Gillian Fuller), a multimedia project and book about airports, Black Dog Publications, London; Busface, a photo-media installation with the Ejecutivo Colectivo exhibited at ArtBasel, Miami; and the DVD installation Cloudscope in collaboration with Durbach | Block architects at Elizabeth Bay House, Sydney; and the Museum of Copulatory Organs with Maria Fernanda Cardoso at the Biennale of Sydney. Current research projects include the ARC funded "Reconsidering Australian Media Art Histories in an International Context" and “Scanlines: Video Art in Australia Since the 1960s”, an ARC linkage project investigating the history of video art in Sydney partnering with, dLux Media Arts, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia; “My Own Private Airspace”, a multichannel video of personal airflights and itineraries (with Leo Martyn animator); and “Loomorama“, a collaborative installation project with Elvis Richardson based on personal archives of VHS tapes and VJ presentation tools. He is also Lead Chief Investigator on the ARC LIEF project Design and Art of Australia Online together with DAAO Research Director and long-time collaborator Gillian Fuller. He was Deputy Director at the National Institute for Experimental Arts [NIEA] and Co-Director of the ICinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research until 2013. He was awarded a Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence in 2008, and is currently Dean and Director of the College of Fine Arts, UNSW Australia. AUTHORED BOOKS, MONGRAPHS AND EDITED JOURNALS Co-editor with Ann Elias and Nicholas Tsoutas, Camouflage Cultures: Beyond the art of disappearance, University of Sydney Press, Sydney, 2014. Co-editor with Kathy Cleland and Laura Fisher, Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2013, Sydney? ?Published by ISEA International, the Australian Network for Art & Technology and the University of Sydney, ?ISBN: 978-0-646-91313-1. Co-editor with Jill Bennett, Doug Kahn, Paul Thomas, Experimental Arts: Studies in Material Thinking, Studies in Material Thinking, Volume 8, 2012. Aviopolis: A Book About Airports, (with Gillian Fuller), original colour photography, (plus limited edition CDROM and DVD), Black Dog Publishing, London, 2004, 160pages. RRH: Ross Rudesch Harley Videoworks, double DVD with 48page catalogue, published by MediaComPress in association with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2003. 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